Due to the gravity-fed nature of our ziplines and to keep your speed and zipline arrivals safe there are weight and height requirements.

Mid Mountain: 50-250 lbs. and no taller than 6’5”
SkyRider Tour: 110-260 lbs. & no taller than 6’5”

  • Mid Mountain is recommended for age 10+ due to the fear factor, however as long as the guest meets the height and weight requirements they can participate at any age.
  • SkyRider is suitable for a minimum of 10 years of age. This tour reaches extreme speeds and heights and may not be suitable for everyone, even those over 10 years old.
    • Guests under 16 y.o must be accompanied by a participant that is at least 18 years of age.
    • All guests under 18 y.o. must have a waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian to participate.

All participants on the zipline tours should be relatively physically fit. In the event of a weather evacuation, hiking could extend 1/2 mile. We do not recommend you participate if you have preexisting conditions or injuries, are pregnant or have back, neck or heart issues. Please consult your doctor if you are unsure whether this activity is suitable for you.

We have a 72 hour cancellation policy. If you cancel a tour outside of 72 hours from your scheduled tour time you will be refunded or receive a gift card. A $10 handling fee will be deducted for each refund. If you cancel within 72 hours of your tour time there are no refunds or vouchers. Late arrivals will not be refunded or issued vouchers and will not be able to join the group. Those not meeting the weight requirements will not be refunded or receive a voucher. Space is limited and guests are being turned away for your tour, as well expenses have already been incurred in preparation for your tour.

Weather conditions are frequently amplified at Hunter Mountain. We don’t cancel for rain or snow so please dress appropriately. With very little notice we may cancel or suspend a tour for lightning or high winds.

If we cancel your tour you’ll be offered a refund or gift card. Tours are not “pushed up” more than 1/2 hour when there is a weather related delay. If there is a weather related issue during your tour time, your tour is the one that will be canceled. It’s your responsibility to provide us with the best mobile number or email to reach you the day of your tour.

We do our best but weather cancellations will happen.

Each participant is required to sign a release of liability. Guests under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign for them. As with any adventure sport, riding ziplines, hiking, chair lifts and off-roading can be dangerous. All clients are required to sign an acknowledgement of risk and release of liability waiver prior to their adventure. New York Zipline Adventures does not guarantee your safety. New York Zipline Adventures does not share customer’s information with other agencies.

New York Zipline Adventures is in no way obligated to complete a tour for a participant that is found to be endangering the safety of themselves, others or the environment, or they appear to be impaired. This being a family outdoor adventure, guests disturbing the peace of other guests with profanity, vulgarity or otherwise will be returned to the office and not allowed to continue the tour. Refunds will not be given in this situation.

  • Summer Weather Dress Code

Dress for the weather: rainy, humid or sunny and wonderful. Wear closed-toe shoes only (no flip flops or open sandals) and wear shorts or long pants.

  • Winter Weather Dress Code

Stay away from cotton (jeans, sweatpants) because it will absorb sweat and snow and make you cold. Wool or acrylic socks are better than cotton athletic socks. A bare head and neck account for up to 55 percent of lost heat. Wear a thin hat under our Petzl helmet, neck warmer and your ski goggles if it’s snowing. Think breathability and wind proof: the layer closet to your skin should be made of a wicking material so it will pull moisture (sweat) off your skin and keep you dry. Gloves or mittens – got to have ’em. Inside your winter boots wear 2 layers of socks, thick on top of thin, but don’t limit the circulation in your feet. Snowsuits are available on a first come first serve basis, so bring your winter clothing from home just in case.

Smoking isn’t allowed on the tours.
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